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How do you to find love without the pressures of dating? This is a common problem for many singletons. Foodie Friends aims to solve this problem once and for all by providing a hassle free alternative to dating where members can meet groups, make new friends, meet potential partners in Bristol and have fun all at the same time. Join Bristol Foodies Group to meet new people.

It’s a common problem; you want to meet that someone special, your soul mate, someone to share the good times and the bad. But how do you go about it? There are so many dating sites out there that promise love, companionship, experiences, your perfect match but how do you know they are who they say they are, how do you know they really love cycling, sky-diving and chocolate fudge cake? Are they saying what they think you want to hear? Do they really want what you want or are they just saying that to win you over? When you meet them are they the same person is shown in their profile picture, was the picture taken this year or 15 years ago when they were 5 stone lighter?

Meet Potential Partners

Dating can be a very daunting experience, especially when that person is not as they described or what you expected. It is very easy to get carried away and build a picture of that person in your head when it comes to finally meeting them in person it can often be a bit of a let-down. How much can you really learn about a person through the internet and how do you know if you really have that magic ingredient?

We believe that to really get to know someone, you need to meet as friends first within a relaxed social setting without the awkwardness of meeting someone new on your own where you feel pressured to spend an evening with someone you have never met before, even if you know they are not for you, right at the beginning of the evening. We are proud to be different from other social networking and dating sites. We are about bringing people together and building real long-term, meaningful and life-changing relationships in reality, not just in online.

If you want to meet new people in Bristol and make new friends in Bristol then join FoodieFriends Bristol for FREE today.