Make New Friends In Bristol Today

How many real friends do you have?

Make new friends in Bristol today, not your 500 social media contacts, actual friends you can call on when you have a problem or have something to celebrate, the people you choose to share the good times and the bad with in person. We know making developing and maintaining good friendships isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it. All friends start out as new friends and we believe that real friends you have to tag in person.  Join Bristol Foodies Group to meet new people.

It’s no secret that friendship plays an important part in everyone’s lives. Friendships can have a major impact on health, happiness and well-being; they enrich your life and improve your health. Understanding the importance of friendships in your life and how to promote and maintain good friendships is the key to having a healthy, fulfilled life in this fast moving, ever changing world we live in today. Starting and keeping those connections is key to coping with the ups and downs and if cherished is one consistent factor you can always rely on for support and to boost your spirits throughout life.

Make New Friends In Bristol Today

Good friends are good for your health; they celebrate the good times and give positive support during the bad times. Friends prevent loneliness and give you the fulfilment of also giving needed companionship. They can increase your sense of belonging and purpose, they boost happiness and reduce stress, improve self-confidence and self-worth, help you through life’s traumas such as divorce, illness, job loss or the death of a loved one. Friends look after your best interests such as encouraging your to make lifestyle changes like avoiding excessive eating or drinking and to exercise and do more leisure activities to relax. They encourage you to be the best you can be at work and in your love life to bring the best out in you.

It is often hard to make friends and maintain existing friendships in adulthood. Friendships may take a back seat during busy periods of your life, such as work commitments, having children or ageing parents. You and your friends may grow apart due to lifestyle changes or interests or maybe you’ve moved to another area and haven’t yet found a way to meet new people. The enjoyment and comfort that friendship offers all make the effort more than worthwhile. The quality of friendships counts more than quantity while it’s healthy to a diverse network of friends and familiar faces, it’s also good to cherish a few special friends that you feel close to, who will always be there for you through life’s ups and downs.

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