About us

FoodiesSocial.com is the foodie’s social hub, the only place for foodies to connect, join groups & meet-up at local events, all in one place.

With the best of social, dating, meetup and events sites all rolled into one, FoodiesSocial.com is the one-stop shop for foodies to socialise both online and offline. Chat through private messenger, email, wall page or group page anytime, anywhere, with any device. 

Foodies groups and events are simply locals connecting and getting together to share new experiences, ideas, inspirations, good food and company. The latest groups and events listings of what’s happening around the UK are populated daily on the social hub homepage, so your never be stuck for inspiration. Stay tuned for the latest updates!

Discover the new way to meet local groups and make new friends. FoodieFriends bring like-minded people together, enabling them to meet new people and make new friends in person at relaxed social events at great local venues such as a bar, pub, restaurant, cafe, dinner or bbq party. Whether have moved to a new area, you are a new student, become a new parent, single looking to meet new people, a couple looking to expand their friendship group or retired, FoodieFriends is for all foodies to enjoy from all walks or life, young, old, male or female.

Why Join Foodie FriendsFoodieFriends about us

Build lifetime friendships with like-minded people in your local community through your wall page, email and messenger anytime, anywhere. 
Join or host local groups and events to meet people and make new friends in a relaxed social setting. Enjoy monthly foodie discounts, competitions and the best seasonal recipes and news every week and share your own with friends.

What Makes Us Different?

We are different to other online social networking and dating sites. We are the foodies social hub, bringing people together and building long-term, life-changing relationships in reality, not just in online. It is an increasing problem in our society today, people are becoming more and more isolated and cut off from the rest of the world. Interacting solely online is actually making many people become less sociable as they are living their lives through technology and not experiencing all the priceless moments and experiences that come with face to face interaction.

Get out there, meet new people, share your passion for good food, develop meaningful friendships and enjoy new experiences. There are many benefits to using technology to meet new people and keep in touch with existing ones and there will always be a place for this, but it should perhaps be a tool to leverage meeting people in person, creating new experiences and memories to talk about with friends and family in years to come. It’s those priceless moments after all that fuel the best conversations online and give you ideas and inspiration for more get together’s.

Interact with members online and host or join local groups or events to meet people to make new friends or find a potential partner. The benefit of this is that people can meet groups through the love of food and a shared interest at local foodie events. For example, you might be a new mum looking to socialise with other new mums so you might like to host or join a group to get together once a week for coffee and cake. There are endless reasons why people might feel lonely or worried about meeting new people in a safe and friendly environment, FoodieFriends brings  foodies together in a safe and relaxed way, so all you need to do is have fun and enjoy new experiences while expanding your friendships. 

FoodieFriends is the  foodie’s social hub, offering an interest-based social experience, bringing people together to share new experiences, ideas, inspirations, with good food and company within a relaxed setting.

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