Feed your family for £5 a day

This month we will be looking at cheap, tasty and easy family meals for the week. Thrifty mum of three Danielle Ross from Colchester has recently acquired over 22,000 new Facebook followers after sharing her family money-saving secrets, tips and recipes to feed the whole family (even the dog) for just £38 a week.

Following this success story this morning’s Phil Vickery and many other chefs have tried to come up with other family money-saving tips and recipes, to beat the budget queens weekly shop. Here we bring you Phil’s, delicious thrifty seven-day meal plan.


Breakfast: Porridge or toast with butter (2 slices)

Lunch: Ham and potato rosti /cheese sandwiches & Apple 

Dinner: Turkey Stir-fry 


Breakfast: Porridge or toast with butter (2 slices)

Lunch: Cheese and tomato sandwiches & Apple 

Dinner: Vegetable Egg fried rice 


Breakfast: Porridge or toast with butter (2 slices)

Lunch: Pasta, tomato & Egg salad 

Dinner: Pork Mince, potatoes and onions


Breakfast: Porridge or toast with butter (2 slices)

Lunch: Pea, butternut & potato soup 

Dinner: Sausage Casserole


Breakfast: Porridge or toast with butter (2 slices)

Lunch: Tortilla 

Dinner: Baked white fish with Mac n Cheese Pasta.


Breakfast: Scrambled egg on toast 

Lunch: Tomato soup/slice bread & butter 

Dinner: Veggie 3 bean Chilli & Rice 


Breakfast: Grilled tomatoes on toast 

Lunch: Beans on toast 

Dinner: Roast Gammon, roast potatoes savoy cabbage & carrots

Phil’s shopping list

  • 1 medium white loaf bread 42p x 2 Aldi
  • 1kg Porridge oats 50g per person 75p Aldi
  • Semi skimmed milk 2 litres 99p Aldi
  • Eggs x 30 £1.25 x 2 Aldi
  • Irish Cumberland Sausages x 8 85p Aldi
  • Woodfarm onions 1kg 55p Aldi
  • Butternut Squash 82p Lidl
  • Frozen Garden Peas 900g 95p Aldi
  • Large gammon joint 1kg £4.25 1.3kg Aldi
  • Golden Delicious Apples x 7 £2.70 (£1.35 x 2) Aldi
  • Mayonnaise 475g 75p Aldi
  • Glen Lochy Extra Mature or Medium Cheddar 350g £1.49 Aldi
  • Salted butter 250g 95p Aldi
  • Tomatoes x 6 Super 6 offer (usually 55p pack) 35p x 2 Lidl
  • Birchwood Farm Turkey breast steaks 375g £2.59 Lidl
  • Asia specialities medium Chinese egg noodles 250g 55p x 2 packs Aldi
  • Red pepper 47p Aldi
  • Speciality Scottish Pork Mince 5% fat 500g £1.89 Aldi
  • Sweet harvest butter beans Tinned 33p Aldi
  • Everyday essentials baked beans 23p x 3 cans Aldi
  • Supreme Cream tomato soup 35p x 3 cans Aldi
  • Iceberg lettuce 48p Aldi
  • Microwaveable rice 59p x 2 packs Tesco
  • Everyday value Penne Pasta 500g 30p Tesco
  • White Potatoes 2.5kg £1.29 Tesco
  • Redmere Farm Mushrooms 380g 86p Tesco
  • Savoy cabbage 69p Tesco
  • Redmere farm Carrots 1kg 45p Tesco
  • Everyday Value Tinned tomatoes 31p x 2 Tesco
  • 1 head garlic (loose) 30p Tesco
  • East End Chickpeas 39p Tesco
  • Kidney Beans Tinned 30p Tesco
  • Frozen Basa Fish Fillets 500g £3 Tesco
  • Everyday value long grain rice 1 kg 45p Tesco

Please note: Store cupboard ingredients such as oil, salt and pepper and stock cubes have not been included

A DAY £5.36