10 Life-changing Food Hacks

This week we bring you top ten life-changing food hacks to revolutionise the way you cook and eat forever. From preventing cereal from going soggy to making takeaway packaging into a plate to save you washing up the dishes.

  1. The trays you get from takeaways open into a plate, simply by folding down the sides! Save yourself a tone of washing up!
  2. Keep cereal in a bowl and the milk in a separate cup. Take some cereal with a spoon and then some milk from the cup when you are ready to eat it, this will ensure that your cereal stays crunchy yet moist.
  3. The hole in a spaghetti spook measures one portion of spaghetti.
  4. Use the hole in your pan handle to hold your wooden spoon to keep it upright to prevent a mess over the kitchen surfaces.
  5. Remove avocado stems to assess ripeness and use lemon to keep fresh.
  6. Wrap the top of banana stems with cling film to preserve for 4-5 days longer.
  7. Natural yoghurt or creamed coconut can be a good substitute for many cooking ingredients including butter, oil, mayonnaise, crème fresh, milk, sour cream, cream cheese, butter milk and double cream.
  8. Freeze red and white wine in cubes for cooking with.
  9. Place an apple in a bag of potatoes to prevent them from budding.
  10. Keep a paper towel in with your salad container until ready to eat until ready to eat to prevent it from going soggy.

Stay tuned for more life-changing food hacks coming soon!